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Why Elect Majority Leader By 'Secret Ballot'?

In brief by Lynn Landes 11/14/06

Have the Democrats learned nothing?  Electing a majority leader by 'secret ballot'?  Or, is this particular nonsense in sync with other inexplicable strategies, particularly the Dem's decision to use Internet voting in the presidential primaries of 2000, 2004 and 2008?
With all the problems the electorate has faced with a voting system that is completely non-transparent (i.e., "secret"), it defies imagination why House Democrats would resort to a "secret ballot" to elect their majority leader.  So much for demonstrating the courage of their convictions. 
A 'secret ballot" election is the perfect set-up for those who want to rig an election.  See: Vote Fraud 101 - "When elections are conducted by secret ballot, there exists no hard evidence of how people voted. "Voters hand over to election officials a pile of anonymous ballots. For those with the appropriate incentive, substituting ballots is duck soup."  Source: me
The secret ballot was created in Australia in 1856. It came to America in the 1880's.  And ever since then, in elections here and around the world, nobody really knows anything for sure. 
So, what's a candidate to do?  Collect hard evidence.  How?  Get voters to 'go public' with their votes AFTER they've voted.  This will serve as a check against the official results. 
Of course, nagging questions remain.  Have the Democrats learned nothing?  Or, do they know the scam, all-too-well?

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