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Readers: I realize that I'm not a poet, but I try.  And it feels good to let go. L. Landes


The American Way


by Lynn Landes 4/22/04 (revised 7/27/08)


educated to be ignorant

medicated to be sick

it's public policy in America

a tragedy, a trick


forged news we're given

false choices to make

we vote on machines

democracy's a fake


cleaning with contaminants

eating poisoned food

fluoride in our water

explains our nasty mood


racing for the cure

but running from the cause

the games people play
don't let facts get in the way


brainwash the children

with pledges of loyalty

as the rich become

our modern day royalty


The American Way

it's upside down

as protesters march

led by puppets and clowns


some wear white

in abject surrender

abandoning the battlefield

before justice is rendered 


America is special

Bush says with a grin

the rules don't apply

we fight, we win


but reality is a sobering thing

we're Rome all over again

not built in a day

and burning just the same


one day soon the oil will be gone

as the earth grinds on without lubrication

will the wobble increase?
will the planet cease?


let's hope time runs out

on the American Way

where money is king
king every day